Zoning Code - What Can I Build on My Lot?

Zoning Code – R1 Residential District

Single-family residential lots comprise the bulk of properties within the City; they are all zoned R-1.  The Zoning Code is described in detail in Clyde Hill Municipal Code Title17.  Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

No structure (at any point) may be higher than 25 feet above original grade.

  • The front yard building setback is 30 feet.
  • The rear yard building setback is 35 feet.
  • The side yard building setback varies by lot size (see chart below)


Lot Size Side Yard Setback
Lots 15,000 square feet or larger 15 feet on each side.
Lots larger than 10,000 square feet, but smaller than 15,000 square feet

10 feet on each side.

Required 30 degree angle when structure is higher than 12 feet.

Lots 10,000 square feet or smaller

A total of 15 feet for both sides.

No side may have a setback smaller than 5 feet.  

Required 30 degree angle when structure is higher than 12 feet.

Setbacks are measured from the outermost projection of a structure. 

The maximum structural coverage is 30% of the lot.
        Structural coverage is always calculated to the outermost projection of a structure.

The maximum impervious coverage is 60% of the lot.
        Clyde Hill does not recognize products marketed as pervious pavers.