Current Projects

The 84th Avenue Boulevard Project

The design of this legacy project is a boulevard that includes a new tree-lined median in the center of the existing driving lane. There will be one driving lane and a dedicated bicycle lane in each direction. The improvements extend from NE 12th Street to the intersection at NE 24th Street and will tie in nicely with the new lid improvements at 84th Avenue NE on SR 520.

We are sorry for the short-term inconvenience...but enjoy the new street!

If you have any specific questions about a project please call the City Engineer (Craig Olson) at 425-453-7800.

The City's capital program is funded from the City's portion of the Real Estate Excise Tax (REET). The City receives 0.5% of an amount paid by the seller in property transactions. This funding is restricted for use on capital projects only and allows the City to fund its annual road overlay program.