Board of Adjustment

The Clyde Hill Board of Adjustment consists of five members who act in a quasi-judicial capacity on matters involving variances from City Code requirements within Title 17, the City's Zoning Code. The Board is also empowered to hear appeals on administrative determinations of the City Code. Guidelines for the Board's decisions are outlined in Chapter 17.72 of the Clyde Hill Municipal Code.

Members of the Board of Adjustment serve for three-year periods. The Board of Adjustment's regular meetings fall on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00pm in the City Hall, 9605 NE 24th Street. The Board will only meet if there is an application pending.

Board of Adjustment Member Term Expires
Rob Reifsnyder 2019
Bruce Jones 2020
Bruce Eastes 2018
Jill Zimmerman 2021

Staff Liaisons: Teri Tupper - Mitch Wasserman