Utilities Commission

The Utilities Commission was established in the 1980's when the Town reviewed applications and selected its first cable television company. At the time the FCC allowed cities to regulate cable rates. The Town Council felt it needed a commission to review the details of this new activity and make rate-change recommendations to the Council for action.

Since then the FCC has taken away the opportunity for cities to regulate cable rates and the City staff has had the responsibility of managing the cable franchise. After the FCC took rate regulation away, Clyde Hill expanded the role of the Utilities Commission to be a watchdog for other utilities operating in the city. During that time the Utilities Commission met sporadically every few years to hear reports from utility companies serving the city but did not meet on a regular basis and has not provided significant input to the Council on such matters for many years.

In late 2013 the Mayor and Council discussed the value of continuing the Utilities Commission and possible alternate options. The consensus of the discussion was to disband the Commission and continue having the City staff manage the multiple utilities while keeping the Council appraised of their activities. There was also the feeling that if ever needed in the future, the Council would always have the opportunity to develop an ad-hoc committee or advisory group for further assistance. As a result, in December 2013, the City Council passed Ordinance #926 repealing Chapter 2.22 of the Clyde Hill Municipal Code eliminating the Utilities Commission.