Threadcycle Campaign

Damaged clothes aren’t garbage anymore – recycle your torn and worn clothes.

The only items to put in the garbage are those that are wet, mildewed or contaminated with hazardous material.

Great news!  Clothes and linens that aren’t reusable can be recycled.  So gather up your stained and ripped clothing, mismatched socks and faded old sheets to take to a local donation location.  Donations locations can be found here:

Why should you give all clothes, shoes and linens for reuse or recycling?
Nearly 95 percent of the clothes, shoes and linens that Americans toss into the garbage could have been recycled or reused.[1]  Donating these items will help keep them out of the landfill!

Many thrift stores and drop boxes accept all your items in any condition.
In the past, only “gently used” items could be accepted.  But markets have changed, and partners of the Threadcycle campaign (sponsored by King County and Seattle Public Utilities) all take items that are stained, holey, or damaged.



[1] "Post-Consumer Textiles: King County LinkUp Research Summary Report". Pg. 1 (King County, April 2014).