Traffic Program

As of 2016, evening rush hour commuters cut through Clyde Hill to get to SR 520, especially when the 520 mainline is congested. The high volumes of traffic and back-ups on City streets and the associated local impact is very frustrating to residents, who asked the City Council to do something about the cut through and traffic safety problem. Commuters would often use traffic applications and would unconsciously follow directions, unaware of the community consequences and other equally viable alternatives. Although the problem was a regional one and mainly outside of the City’s control, after considerable examination, the City Council authorized the start of a new Traffic Program to help mitigate local problems.

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Traffic Plan Update:

The Council considered various options to help slow down traffic throughout the City and manage cut-through traffic during rush hour. The following items were subsequently implemented:

  • Installation of 10 radar speed signs;
  • Adjustment of the SR 520 on-ramp meter rate on the 84th lid;
  • Installation of a “No Left Turn, M-F, 4-7PM” on 92nd Ave northbound to Points Drive westbound" sign; and
  • Continuous data collection and evaluation.


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