Political History of Clyde Hill

In response to the community's desire to control land use development such as lot size and commercial zoning, Clyde Hill was officially incorporated as a Town on March 31, 1953. On November 10, 1998, the Council voted to organize Clyde Hill as a non-charter Code City.

In 1953 area residents voted to become an incorporated Town by a vote of 145 to 117. Ken Day defeated Don Clark for the first Clyde Hill Mayors position, 91 to 58. All initial Councilmembers were elected on write-in votes.

The first elected Councilmembers were:
F. Lee Campbell, - Robert W. Glueck, - P.A. Jacobsen,
Leslie M. Rudy and A.C. Thompson Sr.

John Woodin became the Town's first Treasurer. Ken Day appointed Priscilla Alden Townsend as Police Judge and Roger Bryan as Marshall.

Click for a listing of each member of the Council and Mayor from 1953 to the present.The 1975 Mayoral election in Clyde Hill brought with it suspense and the national media. The two candidates, the incumbent Liberino "Lib" Tufarolo and Miles Nelson finished the election in a even tie. The contest was ultimately decided by a coin toss, with Nelson unseating the incumbent as national and local media looked on.

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