Concealed Pistol Licenses

The City of Clyde Hill's Police Department may issue CPLs to Clyde Hill and Yarrow Point residents only. Citizens can apply for the issuance or renewal of Concealed Pistol Licenses in person at the Police Department anytime during regular business hours. If renewing, please bring your current CPL with you. Valid licenses are good for 5 years.

Original CPL Fee: $48.00 (new or over 90 days expired)
Renewal CPL Fee: $32.00 (up to 90 days before expired to expiration)
Late Renewal Fee: $42.00 (1 to 90 days past expiration)
Replacement Fee: $10.00 (lost, stolen, etc...)

Cash or checks are the only acceptable methods of payment.


Solicitor Permits

Soliciting in Clyde Hill is allowed, but within a set of guidelines. The City's ability to regulate solicitors has been limited by a series of Court decisions. The Courts have said that the City cannot prohibit all solicitation because these rights are protected. Exempt organizations include charitable, religious or non-profit organizations as defined in the Code. However, the City can, and has, developed a set of solicitation regulations that are specified in Chapter 5.16 of the Clyde Hill Municipal Code.

Peddlers or solicitors must obtain a permit before going door-to-door in the City. To apply for a permit you must visit the Police Department during normal business hours, with photo ID, to fill out an application. The application cost is $27 and is non-refundable. Cash or checks are the only acceptable methods of payment. A background check will be completed for each solicitor and denial of a permit may be warranted based on that check.

Solicitations are NOT allowed after 8pm or before 9am and you must wear the permit issued to you by the Police Department.

Residents are encouraged to find out more about the legitimacy of an organization prior to donating funds. The City and the Police Department are not affiliated with any door-to-door or phone solicitation.

Solicitor Permit Application Form

Housewatch/Vacation Requests

If you will be away from your home for an extended time and wish to have extra patrols done in your neighborhood, please notify the Clyde Hill Police Department by completing a House Watch Request Form.

House Watch Request Form

Please be advised a house watch is not a guarantee of security for your residence or any property thereon.

Records Request

If you would like to request a copy of a police report, or any other specific identifiable record, please complete a Police Records Request Form. These forms may be downloaded here and may be returned in person, by fax (425-462-1936), by mail, or by email (  The cost for a public record will depend on the record requested and the volume of the request.

Click here to view/download a Police Public Records Request Form
Click here for further information about the records request process.