City Hall is open by appointment only. Masks are required regardless of vaccination status. We do NOT process Passports.

City Hall: 425-453-7800, email: cityhall@clydehill.org - Police Department Administration: 425-454-7187, email: police@clydehill.org

Street and Right-of-Way Permits

Most work and many activities that take place in the street or right-of-way require a permit.

Street Opening Permit

A Street Opening Permit is required if you plan to place or construct any structure, device, natural or artificial thing which requires invasion into the public street or right-of-way or when digging, cutting into, marring, defacing or altering the surface of any street or right-of-way. A street opening permit is also required for each utility connection: water, gas, electricity, sanitary and storm sewer and cable. For details, please refer to CHMC Chapter 12.08.


Public Place Use Permit

A Public Place Use Permit is required for any activity (short term or permanent) that takes place in the right-of-way other than those already covered by a Street Opening Permit. Some examples include: events such as block parties or races and City-approved landscaping in the right-of-way. For details, please refer to CHMC Chapter 12.14.


Driveway Permit

A Driveway Permit is required if you plan to replace or change your driveway. The City wants to verify that your driveway has adequate drainage (so as not to overflow into homes) and that the portion of your driveway abutting the City right-of-way is designed such that repairs to underground services and repair or overlaying of the City streets is possible with minimal intrusion. For details, please refer to CHMC Chapter 12.14.100.