Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my traffic ticket at the Police Department?

No. After a ticket is written, it is turned over to Kirkland Municipal Court. Specific instructions can be found on the back side of your ticket. Tickets can be paid in person or by mail to Kirkland Municipal Court 11740 NE 118th Street, Kirkland WA 98034 Main phone number is 425-587-3160.

How late are solicitors allowed to go door to door?

9am-8pm And they should be wearing a RED credit card sized permit with their picture displayed on the front. If you are unsure if a solicitor has a permit or for any reason you are uncomfortable with their visit please dial 911 for an officer to verify their permit status.

I am looking for someone that was arrested and booked into jail. How do I find out where they are and why?

For Misdemeanor charges, a subject may be booked into one of the 3 jails listed below. For all Felony charges, a subject will be booked into King County Jail.

How do I get seized or recovered property back from the police?

You must call the police department to set up an appointment. When you arrive for your appointment please bring current picture ID. NOTE: In certain types of cases property will be held until the case has been closed and/or the court provides a final disposition to the law enforcement agency. Cases which include alcohol, drugs and paraphernalia, the property may be destroyed.

Should I call the Police Department about a barking dog?

For late night/early morning barking you may dial 911 to request Police response, however, for persistent or recurring issues, King County Animal Control should be contacted. KCAC can be contacted at 206-296-PETS or click on the link below for more information from KCAC or to download a copy of their complaint form.
KCAC Barking Dog Information and Complaint Form

Should I bring a found animal to the Police Station?

No. The Police Department does not have a facility that meets state requirements to hold stray animals. Animals taken to the Police Department will not be accepted by the staff.

How can I tell if I live within the City limits of Clyde Hill?

Generally speaking, Clyde Hill sits between 84th Avenue NE and 98th Avenue NE (East/West), and between NE 12th Street and NE 32nd Street (North/South). House numbers lower than 8400 or 1200 are typically outside of Clyde Hill. The same is true for most house numbers higher than 9700 and 3200.

For specific questions regarding what police jurisdiction you reside in please contact our office for an address verification.

Is skateboarding permitted in the City of Clyde Hill?

NO. The use of skateboards, roller skates, coasters, toy vehicles, and other similar devices on the public right-of-way within the city is prohibited. For more information please see the Clyde Hill Municipal Code, Chapter 10.36

How can I get fingerprinted?

The Clyde Hill Police Department provides fingerprinting services for Concealed Pistol License Applications only, for residents of the City of Clyde Hill and the Town of Yarrow Point only.

If you require fingerprinting for any other purpose, you must go to a commercial fingerprinting business.

Local fingerprinting businesses include:

Bellevue Fingerprinting Service:


VP Accounts and Taxes:

Or simply do an internet search for “fingerprinting services Bellevue WA”