City Hall New Office Hours: 8AM – 4PM.  Appointments are recommended.  Masks are recommended.  We do NOT process Passports.

City Hall: 425-453-7800, email: cityhall@clydehill.org - Police Department Administration: 425-454-7187, email: police@clydehill.org


Monthly & Quarterly Financial Reports

The City of Clyde Hill actively monitors how it uses public resources. The Finance Manager prepares a monthly Operating Report to the City Council in an effort to provide a high level of overview of the City's current fiscal picture. These reports share both numerical information and also note financial areas of interest and are intended to give the Council and management a picture of how both revenues and expenditures are doing as compared to the budget at a specific point in time. On a quarterly basis, the Finance Manager prepares a Enhanced Budget Monitoring Report that highlights additional areas of financial interest or concern. This report provides information in more of a graphic presentation.


Annual Audit Reports

The City of Clyde Hill prepares basic financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. These statements are the basis for the annual audit performed by the State Auditors. The statements and associated notes to the financial statements provide information on how the City uses its financial resources and presents a picture of the City's financial condition as of the statement date.  Link to Auditor's Website