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COVID-19 News for Clyde Hill Residents

Over the past 48 hours, we have unfortunately born witness to horrific scenes of looting, rioting, and violence, all in the name of protest for the reckless and brutal killing of Mr. George Floyd. What happened to Mr. George Floyd was wrong. There was no justification for the use of force used against Mr. Floyd or for the actions of those police officers involved. However, there is also no justification for the chaos, anarchy, and violence in our city and neighboring cities. We support peaceful means of protest as a way to express your views, vent your anger, and work towards healing.


This incident and other similar incidents do not represent the values that the Clyde Hill Police Department stands for. Per our mission statement, we are dedicated to improving quality of life by creating a safe environment in partnership with the citizens we serve. We consistently strive to reduce fear and crime while treating all with respect, compassion, and fairness. Our officers receive regular training on bias-based policing, among other topics. In fact, we offer more training to our officers than is required by state law.


As much as these types of actions infuriate and anger people, this is felt even more keenly by police officers who see their brothers and sisters in blue treat with brutality those they are meant most to protect. We are angry; we are hurt. But we will not let this overwhelm us with fear and retaliation.


In light of yesterday’s protests and the anticipated continuation of said protests today, the Clyde Hill Police Department and neighboring agencies have increased staffing to be prepared should something occur. We are also ready to continue our assistance to neighboring agencies with the rioting and other emergency calls. We appreciate the support and faith you place in our department during these tough times.


Even without a curfew in place, please remain vigilant and avoid any areas of disturbance. To protect your home, keep your doors and windows shut and locked and turn on any exterior lights. Consider monitoring or arming your home alarm system, if you have one. Please remember that Washington is an open carry state, which means you may see people walking around carrying firearms or wearing a firearm on a holster. This is not illegal. Please don’t call 911 to report someone with a gun unless that person is using the gun in a threatening or harmful manner. Be attentive, remain calm, and stay safe.


Chief Kyle Kolling

Governor Inslee has announced that on June 1st the state will begin a phased approach to re-opening. Click here to visit Governor Inslee's News and Media website.

We are asking all Clyde Hill citizens to respect and follow the governor’s guidelines. Stay home, and if you have to go out to essential businesses/functions, wear a mask and use physical distancing. When out walking, remember to walk on the side of the street facing on-coming traffic. Stay at least six feet away from other pedestrians.

Workers such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators, and other such providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences” are considered part of the essential workforce. We are requesting that all essential workers exercise proper protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus, including:

  • Clean and disinfect vehicles and equipment between uses
  • Stagger work hours and allow only one person per vehicle
  • Wear a face mask on crews of more than one and when in the presence of colleagues, clients, and passersby.
  • Maintain physical distancing of 6 feet
  • Hands should be frequently washed

Residential construction activities are allowed per the Phase 1 Construction Restart – COVID-19 Job Site Requirements as outlined by the Governor. Residential and landscape construction projects that have been previously permitted and started may be continued using the protocols outlined.

Child care, elder care, commercial dog walkers and landscape maintenance (per memo above) are allowed. Cleaners and housekeepers are not yet allowed.

Washington State Labor and Industries is the enforcement entity for construction activities related to the Governor’s Orders. Clyde Hill Police, the City Building Official or other City Staff may approach individuals performing business activities in the City to assist in determining whether the activity is essential.  To report violators – PLEASE DO NOT USE 911.  Click here for a link to a report form.

We strongly appeal to our citizens to make prudent and appropriately safe decisions. We need to support the current mandates while services are being slowly turned back into effect.

City Hall is closed but the phones and email are being monitored.

  • Police are fully staffed and available.  For an emergency or to request an officer, call 911.
  • Police Department Administration: 425-454-7187, email:
  • City Hall: 425-453-7800, email:

The City of Clyde Hill Washington

The City of Clyde Hill has the unique distinction of spectacular views of Lake Washington, Mount Rainer, the Olympic Mountains, the Cascade Mountain range and the Seattle or Bellevue skyline from its many higher elevations. The City's park-like towering evergreens and a lush profusion of northwestern foliage on public and private property are the pride of its friendly citizens and a delight to visitors.

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