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Land Use and City Charter

Clyde Hill was formed as a low-density residential community. Over the years Clyde Hill has developed an established large lot residential development pattern. Today the philosophy of the City is to retain and maintain the original spacious and wooded character of the community and to remain a relatively small, simple and intimate community. The amenities, the quality residential areas, the parks, the views and natural landscape are all items the community intends to maintain.

Spring - Street 2

Clyde Hill was incorporated in 1953 as a small residential town covering an area of approximately one square mile. The City is bordered by Points Drive to the north, on the south by NE 12th and NE13th Streets, on the west by 84th Avenue NE and on the east by 98th Avenue NE. The City is zoned single family residential with the exception of a gas station on the corner of 84th Avenue NE and Points Drive and the Queen Bee Café located on Points Drive and NE 28th Street. In addition, four public and private schools are zoned for that use and a government zone has allowed for the Police and Fire stations and City Hall. The minimum residential lot size allowed in the zoning code is 20,000 square feet, with many smaller lots existing from before incorporation.

View - Street 2

Clyde Hill has a total area of about 632 acres with a population of 2,984 according to the 2010 Census. While the City is a separate incorporated municipality, it has the character, function and land use pattern typical of an established residential neighborhood usually found within larger cities. Clyde Hill is in the middle of a rapidly developing metropolitan area, shares its eastern boundary with the City of Bellevue (the state's fifth largest city) and is one of the smaller communities in King County. The land use mix supports the neighborhood character: two small retail establishments and schools surrounded by single family residential development. The Land Use Inventory chart below illustrates the City's development pattern.


Land Use Acres
Single Family Residential   423.60
Schools 49.60
Government 13.80
Parks .92
Commercial .73
Utilities .33
Rights-of-way 126.60
Vacant 12.62
Not Developable 3.80
TOTAL 632.00

The City Hall and Police Station, and a Bellevue Fire Station are located together on NE 24th Street. Clyde Hill Elementary School, Chinook Middle School, Bellevue Christian School and Sacred Heart School are located on adjacent parcels in an area along 98th Avenue NE and NE 14th Street. The Clyde Hill City Park is located to the east of 95th Place NE, with access from either 95th Place NE, 96th Avenue NE or through Clyde Hill Elementary School. Clyde Hill's View Park is located at the end of NE 26th Street and 92nd Avenue NE.

Park Entrance - 95th

Since Clyde Hill is surrounded by incorporated municipalities and cannot extend its boundaries through annexation, its urban growth area corresponds to its existing boundaries. Land available for growth is in the form of about a handful of remaining vacant lots. Once these parcels are developed the City will reach its total growth capacity unless rezones or accessory dwelling units increase residential densities or commercial intensity. It is intended that further development will be consistent and harmonious within the established pattern. Therefore, the current land use pattern and general densities will likely remain unchanged in the foreseeable future.

Within a two mile radius of City Hall there are hundreds of commercial establishments providing millions of square feet of retail space and an increasing number of professional, health and social services. Due to their extent and proximity it appears unnecessary for Clyde Hill to duplicate these land uses.

The major employers in Clyde Hill are the two public and two private schools. Together they account for approximately 250 jobs. City government, including City Hall staff, the Police and Fire Departments, account for approximately 25 jobs. There are also approximately 20 people employed by the gas station and the Queen Bee Cafe. Total employment in Clyde Hill is about 300 jobs. Employment in Clyde Hill is expected to remain relatively stable.