Code Compliance


Code Enforcement promotes compliance with the community standards established in Clyde Hill’s Municipal Code by investigating potential or actual violations of the code and other applicable regulations. Various City departments investigate complaints depending on the nature of the violation with much of code compliance occurring within the boundaries of the residential development or redevelopment process.

The City strives to support compliance with our adopted code by maintaining the following best practices:

  • Prevention – provide structural controls and outreach to prevent violations from occurring
  • Education – consistently communicate standards to vendors & the general public 
  • Awareness – inform residents of complaints, enforced or dismissed, to encourage voluntary action

By working in partnership with our residents we are able to enhance community pride, facilitate voluntary compliance, and increase safety within our community.


Complaints and Code Enforcement in Clyde Hill:

The City of Clyde Hill strongly encourages dispute resolution directly between neighbors or affected parties as a first step to any issue. However, Clyde Hill Municipal Code authorizes staff to investigate any *valid resident or third party-initiated complaints, or proactive complaints generated by City staff. If staff determines a violation has occurred, or has likely occurred, the Code Enforcement Officer or other authorized City personnel will attempt to resolve the issue. The first step of complaint resolution is education which is intended to achieve voluntary compliance.  Most complaints are resolved at this point of the process.

When voluntary compliance cannot be achieved; more formal enforcement proceedings may commence, including a formal Notice of Violation, action by the City, and possible fines.

In rare cases, when compliance is not achieved, violations may be escalated to criminal or civil penalties, or go to a hearing before the Hearing Examiner.

Questions involving procedures and/or types of municipal code violations subject to the City jurisdiction and review should be directed to the Code Enforcement Officer or Public Works Director.

*An evaluation of the complaint will be made by the Code Enforcement Officer to determine if the complaint is a valid code violation or safety issue within city limits.


Submitting a Complaint:

Complaints vary throughout the year, but most commonly include:

  • The accumulation of garbage, trash, junk, or other materials
  • Signs in prohibited locations
  • Obstruction or encroachment within the public right-of-way
  • Overgrown vegetation and noxious weeds
  • Unpermitted work
  • Boats, RVs, Inoperable or unlicensed junk vehicles parked more than 48 hours

Call or email to report non-emergency problems or nuisances such as:

  • Spills in the street
  • Damaged signs
  • Abandoned property
  • Potential safety hazards

If you would like to submit a code compliance complaint to City Hall, please fill out the Complaint Form below and submit it to city staff. Forms may be submitted in person, emailed to, or mailed to City Hall at: 9605 NE 24th Street, Clyde Hill, WA 98004

Once a complaint is received, the process generally detailed in the Code Enforcement Flowchart will commence. As the Complainant, and unless you’ve requested to remain anonymous, you will be notified when a determination is made by the Code Enforcement Officer. The person who filed the complaint will also be notified, for awareness, even if the complaint is determined to not be a violation.



Office Hours:

City Hall is open Monday – Friday. Doors are open 8:00am – 4:00pm, and office hours are 8:00am – 5:00pm (except Washington State Holidays).

Phone: 425-453-7800



Reporting an Emergency

To report an emergency situation, please call 911.

Remember that 911 is not just for emergencies. If something seems out of place in your neighborhood (such as suspicious persons, suspicious vehicles or excessive noise) call 911 and tell them you do not have an emergency but would like to report a problem.