Building, Demolition and Mechanical Permits

Most building projects require some type of permit, so it is important to contact the Building Department prior to starting your project.  Those projects that require a permit, and are started without one, will be stopped!  Stop work orders are subject to normal permit fees in addition to civil fines/penalties and inspection costs.

Permit applications must be complete and demonstrate that the proposed construction complies with all current local, state and federal laws. Permits may be applied for either in-person or online at Citizen's Connect Portal

Permits are valid for one year from the date of issuance.

Working Hours:  Monday through Friday, 7am - 6pm
                            Weekends & Holidays, 10am - 4pm


CLYDE HILL BUSINESS LICENSE:  All contractors and service providers must obtain a Clyde Hill Business License prior to beginning work in the City.  Add a Clyde Hill City endorsement to your business license through the Department of Revenue's website:


Over-the-Counter Permits

The City issues two types of over-the-counter building permits: re-roofs and window/door replacements.  Building Permit Application  Window-Door Replacement Agreement

Mechanical permits are required when adding or replacing mechanical items in your home.  This includes furnaces, water heaters, gas appliances, fireplace inserts, vents, fans, air conditioners and heat pumps.  Most mechanical permits can be issued over-the-counter.  The exceptions are air conditioners and heat pumps; for these you are required to submit a site plan with your permit application so that the placement of the units can be reviewed for compliance with the City's Zoning Code.  Mechanical Permit Application.


Reviewed Building Permits

Most building permits require review by the City's Building Official.  A plan review fee is required at the time of permit submittal; this fee is based on your estimated value of the project.  Per City Code, the final project value is determined by the Clyde Hill Building Official.  In order to issue an approved permit, you will pay a building permit fee, and any other incidental fees (based on the building official's value.)  Building Permit Application



Demolition permits are required whenever a structure is being completely removed or if there is a desire to begin demolition prior to a building permit being issued.  Please check with the Building Department to determine if a separate demolition permit is required when doing a partial demolition.  Demolition Permit Application.  For information about disposal of construction and demolition material, please visit the King County Solid Waste Division's website here.