The Public Works Department is responsible for all the street, storm sewer, parks, landscaping, engineering and right of way related activities within the City. This department coordinates with the City of Bellevue for any required water and sanitary sewer utility work. Along with the City Council and the Chief of Police, the Public Works staff is responsible for the installation, maintenance and revision of all street signs, signals and other traffic devices. The Public Works Department also encompasses the activities of the Building Department.

Public Works Staff

The Public Works Director plans, coordinates and oversees the daily operation of the Clyde Hill Public Works Department. It is his responsibility to ensure that all work is completed in a proper, timely and cost effective manner.

Shaun Tozer is the City's Public Works Director.

The City's three Public Works Department crew members are "on call" to respond to emergency conditions such as a severe storm or the management of ice and snow on the City's roadways.

Tyler Bender is Crew Lead and a Certified Storm Drainage inspector and assists in all areas of Public Works Maintenance.

Aaron Murk assists in all areas of Public Works Maintenance.

Nick Johnston assists in all areas of Public Works Maintenance.