City Maintenance

The Public Works Department has a crew of three to provide maintenance for all City infrastructure (roads, storm sewer system, sidewalks, signs). In addition, the PW Crew maintains the plants in the City Parks and rights-of-ways as well as providing maintenance to all City buildings. The PW crew is also responsible for snow and ice control and storm response when needed.

To report a maintenance problem please call City Hall (425-453-7800) or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Right-of-Way Maintenance

A distinctive feature of the City's character is its lush, well maintained landscapes. What is seen and enjoyed does not happen by mistake, but rather is the result of a mutual understanding among the residents who value the aesthetic charm of the community and the City. Many residents take meticulous care in maintaining their property and the area adjoining the street. The City depends on residents to maintain the rights-of-way immediately adjacent to their property by mowing, weeding and trimming as necessary to keep these areas attractive. When landscapes begin to interfere with the use of the streets and pose safety concerns for drivers, pedestrians or bicyclists the PW Crew will take some action.

Residents are encouraged to add landscaping to the right-of-way. However, it is important to coordinate any additions with the City to make sure that any new plantings do not interfere with the safe use of the streets (visibility) or with the utilities that serve the community. Any structure located in the right-of way requires a Public Place Use permit from the City.

City Trees and the Urban Forest

Clyde Hill's urban forest is a distinguishing element of the community...It is also a challenging element when it is not maintained, interferes with a neighbor's views, causes a safety concern or is in conflict with one of many utilities serving the residents. The City has developed a great resource (Urban Forestry Guide) to help residents manage the challenges of maintaining an appropriate urban forest.

Residents may not remove any tree from public property unless written permission has been received to do so.

Street Light Maintenance

Click here to report a malfunctioning street light.