Flock License Plate Readers Go Live

The City of Clyde Hill Police Department is pleased to announce the recent installation of license plate reading cameras from Flock Safety at the city’s main entrances. This technology will function as an early warning system for law enforcement to solve crime and help keep the Clyde Hill community safe. Flock hits in the region and across the country have aided in solving cases of stolen vehicles, stolen license plates, burglaries, assaults, and missing persons.

Clyde Hill’s Flock system consists of eight strategically placed cameras that capture the rear license plates of vehicles leaving or entering the city, immediately notifying law enforcement if that vehicle has been reported stolen or connected to a recent crime. The majority of Clyde Hill’s Flock cameras are equipped with solar panels, saving the community money on operating costs.

License plate images are encrypted and stored in the Flock system for 30 days, allowing time for law enforcement to look up a vehicle of interest when a recent crime is reported. This system is only accessible to police officers with a secured login. After 30 days, images are automatically deleted from the system.

Flock Safety cameras only capture information pertaining to a vehicle’s license plate, model and color. The cameras do not capture any information regarding the vehicle driver or occupants, and the Flock system is not used for immigration or traffic enforcement.

The license plate readers in Clyde Hill are compatible with existing Flock systems in Yarrow Point, Medina and Hunts Point communities. This system compatibility will enable police officers from Clyde Hill and Medina to access Flock system hits across the four Points Communities.

Clyde Hill's Flock license plate reader cameras have been installed at the following intersections:

  • W/B NE 24th at 98th
  • W/B NE 14th at 98th
  • N/B 92nd Ave at 13th
  • S/B 92nd Ave at Points Dr
  • E/B NE 28th at Roundabout
  • E/B NE 24th at 84th
  • E/B NE 20th at 84th
  • W/B NE 12th at 86th