Message from Chief Kolling regarding COVID-19

DISCLAIMER: Information contained herein will be updated as needed. The City receives the majority of its information from Public Health of Seattle & King County (PHSKC) – if you are looking for more information on COVID-19, please visit the PHSKC website.

Clyde Hill City Hall

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, on March 10th the Mayor of Clyde Hill issued this proclamation:  COVID-19 Proclamation

Message from the Clyde Hill Police Chief

I want the citizens of the City of Clyde Hill and the Town of Yarrow Point to know and understand that the Clyde Hill Police Department does not desire to make any arrests, or issue citations, for violating the governor's orders. We view our roles as one of educating and partnering with our citizens to make sure our communities continue to be a safe place to live. If Officers see individuals in the community who are not practicing “Social Distancing”, they will give them a friendly reminder to do so. We hope that further action will not be required. In addition, please be respectful of our 911 call center as they are fielding an increased number of non-emergency calls in reference to the recent announcements by Governor Inslee. The Clyde Hill Police Department will remain vigilant and will continue to respond to the needs of our community members.

Thank you for your cooperation, Kyle Kolling Chief of Police

Lobbies Closed

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Clyde Hill Police Department lobby and City Hall lobby are closed to the public until further notice. We are still monitoring our phone lines and email should you need assistance. If you need an officer for any reason, please dial 911. The Police Department is committed to being fully staffed and ready to respond to an emergency.  Please note that officers may opt to take reports by phone to minimize contact with the public. 

Police Department: Administrative Phone: 425-454-7187, email:

City Hall: Phone: 425-453-7800, email:

Stay Home, Stay Healthy

When out walking, remember to walk on the side of the street facing on-coming traffic.  Stay at least six feet away from other pedestrians

To report violators in the City, contact the Clyde Hill Police Department’s non-emergency number: 425.454.7187 – PLEASE DO NOT USE 911 TO REPORT VIOLATORS

The State website to report violators is:


King County: Financial Help for Those Affected by COVID-19

King County: Metro Service Reduction

As you may have heard, Metro is making temporary service reductions.  Please visit the Metro Matters blog for the latest news release regarding these reductions, in addition to the planned Spring Service Change.

Republic Services

Due to health concerns for the public and our drivers, until further notice we will only collect trash that is stored in Republic Carts or personally-owned cans. Extra trash must be bagged or stored in an additional cart or can. If you have extra Recycle or Yard waste, it must be in a cart or can. We will not pick up any loose/bundled/bagged material outside a cart or can. In addition, we are suspending all bulky waste collections until further notice.

At the recommendation of Public Health of Seattle and King County, the Republic Services spring clean-up, scheduled for April 30th and May 1st, has been postponed.

Reminder: Social Distancing

You've all heard the magic number - six feet. That's the minimum amount of distance you should be keeping between yourself and others. This does not mean an arm's length away. If you can reach out and touch someone, you're too close! You should be close enough to hear a person talking in a normal voice, but not in a whisper.

Why is this so important? It's a proven method to help reduce the transmission and spread of the novel coronavirus. It applies to everyone, young and old, sick and healthy.

  1. Feeling great and asymptomatic?
    Fantastic - social distancing for you.
  2. Feeling a little funky but think it's probably just allergies?
    Okay, social distancing for you.
  3. Around someone that might be sick but you feel absolutely fine?
    Social distancing for you.
  4. Maybe you're already a pro at social distancing and prefer books to people.
    Rock on and keep that distance!

However, please keep this in mind and make a conscious effort if you're out in public. We've seen lots of folks out walking and riding bikes. Social distancing applies here as well. With school out, it's tempting to let kids be kids and have playdates and let teenagers loiter with their friends. But social distancing applies here as well. Try virtual meet ups instead.

On the bright side, remember that pets can't transmit COVID-19. So feel free to cuddle up with your cat or dog or other fuzzy family member - no social distancing necessary!

Checking on Your Neighbors

How well do you know your neighbors? Do you know if they're at high risk for COVID? Would you notice if their vehicle didn't move in a week or two? Now is a critical time to take care of each other. We've seen an outpouring of support on social media sites like NextDoor and Facebook offering help with things like grocery delivery and cleaning for those who are home bound or otherwise at high risk.

We encourage you to check on your neighbors regularly - preferably by phone or text to maintain social distancing! Sometimes a simple "Are you ok?" or "Do you need anything?" can be all that's needed to warm someone's heart. If you're in need of assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask for help. If you're well-bodied and able to give assistance, please let your neighbors know what you can do to help.

If you cannot get a hold of your neighbors, friends, or family members and are concerned for their well being, please call 911 for a welfare check. There's no cost for this and no one is in trouble. It simply means you care about someone and are concerned for their health and safety. Officers will then attempt contact.